Below you can download and print paper score cards, route lists, rosters, and other printables.

Score Cards

If you do not want to use the scoring app you can download a paper score card to keep track of your routes and turn it in at the end of the event. Using the button to the right you can design a score card to fit your needs and download or print it. Just be sure to print a few copies to bring with you.
Get Scorecard

New Route Supplement

Every year Horseshoe gets more and more routes added and event the current edition of the climbing guide is missing a few. Click the button to the right to download the New Route Supplement. This file is provided by Fixed Pin Publishing and contains a list of newly added routes to help you get your route count a little higher.

Event Rosters

After the event rosters has been finalized, these buttons will show you all the climbers that have registered for each of the 3 events.

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2017 Roster

This is not the final event roster and may change anytime before the start of the event.
Team Name Partner 1 Category Partner 2 Category